Statement On COVID-19 Spread

PR – The National Democratic Congress has received reliable information that there is a Covid-19 outbreak at a hotel at the south of the island, with possible community spread and prospects of difficulty in contact tracing.

The establishment is exempt from regular quarantine conditions, in that, guests are allowed to go from airport to hotel. They are not allowed to leave the premises for the quarantine period but are freely interacting with staff who in turn enter and leave the premises freely.

We are informed that a staff member contracted Covid-19 from a guest and has possibly infected an entire household. Now all staff are being called in for testing and are asked to pack a bag to remain.

Our success in fighting the virus so far is due mostly in we the people largely abiding by the restrictions and protocols imposed. From day one, our vulnerability to exposure had to do with government’s lapses in controlling our borders. Our people co-operate because we know that our healthcare infrastructure simply cannot withstand an outbreak where people get sick. So prevention for us, is better than cure.

Although some people have been sanctioned for breaching quarantine regulations, there are numerous instances of exemptions and ‘special treatment’ granted. One small crack is all it takes.

Transparency is crucial in these matters, so we urge our authorities not to engage in any kind of concealment of information. For our safety, we look forward to the authorities coming clean with us, as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we urge all of you, our people, continue to remain vigilant and alert. Observe the protocols of regular hand washing and sanitizing, social distancing and wearing of masks.