Grenada Records New Case of COVID-19

A Grenadian national, who was in close contact with Cases 31 and 32, is Grenada’s latest laboratory diagnosed case of COVID-19. This brings Grenada’s total positive cases to 33, of which four (4) are active, remaining in isolation.

Case 33 is in her sixties and resides in South St George. So far, she has had no symptoms of the virus, and has been quarantined with her entire household since late last Saturday.

All forty known contacts of Cases 31 and 32 are still in quarantine. They all received a first test on Friday, November 13th, and will undergo a repeat test next Thursday, November 19th, as per the science of the disease.

The Ministry of Health acknowledges the owners of the compliant restaurants that provided the necessary information to help identify potentially exposed individuals. In the case of the restaurant that did not keep a log of customers as required by the Ministry, that restaurant remains closed until the requisite safety standards and procedures are implemented.

The Ministry, through its officials and health wardens, continues its systematic review of all facilities offering services to the public, and will mandate the closure of establishments that are non-compliant or do not meet the required safety standards.

Owners and employees are urged to cooperate with the health team, including the wardens, as their only duty and interest is to keep Grenada safe. They are a critical link in this defense partnership.

As stated repeatedly, the public’s role in safeguarding Grenada against an outbreak of COVID-19 is crucial. Citizens and visitors alike, are required to comply with the rules of the state, look out for each other, and hold each other accountable in practicing safety measures.

Anyone who evades or attempts to evade the mandatory protocols for border entry, quarantine and mask wearing in public, will be subject to prosecution under the laws of Grenada.

The Ministry reminds citizens and visitors to continue to exercise good judgement, honesty, and good citizenship so as to mitigate against any violations of the health rules. Public establishments that flout the safety measures should not be patronized—in fact, they should be reported, as they too, play a key role in this partnership.

Public health and safety are our collective responsibility, and should not be compromised.

Always practice physical distancing and proper hygiene. Wear a mask or face covering over the nose and mouth when in public spaces, and hold each other accountable for the same.

For further information, or to speak with a health official, call us on mobile #473 458 4787/473 538 4787 or landline 473 440 2649.

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