Prime Minister Welcomes Outcome Of US Presidential Elections

PR – Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, has welcomed the results of the United States presidential elections and has extended congratulations to President-elect, Joe Biden and Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris.

Commenting on the results, Dr. Mitchell said, “There were some obvious challenges along the way, but I think ultimately democracy has prevailed and I extend congratulations to the Biden-Harris team on their victory. The win is particularly historic as it not only introduces a female Vice President for the first time, but she is a woman of colour, with Caribbean roots. This is a win on many levels and in a world where we continue to work towards equality of the sexes, this is extremely significant.”

Since the November 3 election, the atmosphere has been very tense as the world waited with bated breath for the results. CNN’s Political Correspondent, Van Jones was moved to tears as he shared his thoughts on the win, during live coverage on Saturday.

Dr. Mitchell also became emotional. He said, “I will admit that as I watched Van Jones on Saturday morning, I was also overcome with emotion and shed a few tears. This isn’t a simple win, there is so much more to this election victory. Like Van Jones said, it speaks to the endorsement of character as an important trait, it offers vindication for those who have suffered, and it provides hope for a better future. I too, am hopeful that our Grenadian brothers and sisters in the United States can experience that better future.”

Acknowledging that the split in the votes illustrates a deep divide among Americans, Dr. Mitchell said he was very pleased to hear the President-elect speak of healing and rebuilding the American society and being a President for all Americans.

The Prime Minister has also welcomed the aggressive approach being taken by the President-elect to address the COVID-19 pandemic. He said, “It is important that all countries take decisive action to address the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those like the United States where cases continue to skyrocket. With a growing number of our nationals returning home, as well as increasing tourist arrivals, this can have significant implications for us in Grenada. Therefore, I welcome the urgency with which President-elect Biden plans to address the issue.”