Grenada Co-operative League EC $15, 000 Donation To Help Keep Students Safe

PR – A selection of sanitizing products worth EC $15, 000 was recently donated to the Ministry of Education by the Grenada Co-operative League as a way of giving back to the community.

It formed part of the observance of the 72nd anniversary of International Credit Union Day, which was observed under the theme… “Inspiring Hope for a Global Community.”

President of the Grenada Co-operative League, Phillip Telesford said this is the League’s way of supporting the immense task of ensuring the effective implementation of COVID-19 preventative measures in schools in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Telesford said, “The Grenada Co-operative Credit Union League Limited is extremely happy and proud this morning that we are able to make a contribution to the Ministry of Education, certain supplies including hand sanitizers, gloves, dispensers and a few other items for the benefit of our schools to fight this COVID pandemic.”

Telesford also spoke on the importance of providing hope. “Hope is extremely important in our daily lives, especially in this period, and so our partnering with the Ministry of Education in fighting this pandemic by way of distribution of these items will go a long way in assisting in combating this enemy,” he said. “So, we want to ensure that the learning environment is a safe one for our young minds.”

Deputy Chief Education Officer, Astra Frank-Mc Kenzie, extended best wishes to the Grenada Cooperative League Ltd., on International Credit Union Month and thanked them for the donation, on behalf of the Ministry of Education. “We are pleased that as part of your outreach, you have chosen to partner with us to directly support schools, as we implement our COVID-19 response and recovery initiatives,” she said. “What we are able to do in these economically challenging times is definitely just a drop in the bucket. This year Government was faced with new challenges that necessitated a response to supporting schools, given the current COVID-19 pandemic.”

Frank-Mc Kenzie noted that Government has had to scale up its expenditure on heightened sanitation efforts at schools.

“As we transition back to full scale operations of schools, they will need more support to procure sanitation supplies, and we are forever grateful to our partners who have stepped into the gap to help us support schools in these ways.”

The Grenada Credit Union brand is managed by the Grenada Co-operative League Ltd.