Toddlers Quarantined After One Tests Positive For COVID-19 In Antigua

(CMC) — Antigua and Barbuda health authorities have confirmed that several toddlers have been placed into quarantine after a four-year-old tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“As I said before, one of the individuals who tested positive, a four-year-old, and yes we have been in contact with that school and the Ministry of Education.

“Unfortunately, because of the protocols we would have worked on with the Ministry of Education, we’re pretty sure, we’re pretty convinced that the social distancing would have taken place as much as would have been possible and the cohorting of students…the children in that school would have been quarantined,” Chief Medical Officer, Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas said on the state-owned ABS Television.

Antigua and Barbuda has recorded 119 cases of the virus with 15 cases being active.

Dr Sealey-Thomas said she is satisfied that the relevant measures have been taken at the school to minimise the spread of the virus among the children.

The Ministry of Education on Monday sent letters to parents informing that the entire class and teacher would have been placed in quarantine for 14 days.

It also informed that testing of students and their parents would begin soon.