Child Month 2020 Celebrations Have Commenced

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PR –  The Ministry of Education, Human Resource  Development, Religious Affairs and Information hereby informs the public that this Ministry, in  conjunction with the Child Month Committee has decided that the 2020 Child Month activities  will run from October 15 to November 15 2020. 

Although the entire month of October is officially designated as Child Month, this change  became necessary given the need to prioritize alternative arrangements to support parents and teachers for the safe reopening of schools. Therefore, there was very little time to prepare for the month of activities. 

Due to the need to ensure adherence to health and safety protocols and the reports of child sexual  abuse, the focus will be on the safety of our children. Therefore, it is important that our nation  continues to be sensitized about the need for protective procedures to keep all our children safe.  Consequently, the Child Month Committee has decided that the theme for Child Month 2020 is 

“Keeping All Our Children Safe.” The focus will therefore be on health and safety during the  COVID-19 pandemic. The broader theme for Child Month continues to be “Love the Child.” 

Based on the situation that exists in schools due to COVID 19 protocols, especially the need for  social distancing, we are scaling down activities in order to keep everyone safe.  

Some of the activities highlighting Child Month are: 

  • An address by the Governor General, Dame Cécile De La Grenade • LIVE forum highlighting the theme 
  • Activities organized by individual schools for students and parents (in  accordance with COVID-19 guidelines) 

An address by Minister for Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs  and Information, Hon. Emmalin Pierre 

We encourage the relevant stakeholders to engage safely and meaningfully in the 2020 Child  Month activities outlined. 

We wish all our children a very happy Child Month 2020!