Prime Minister Calls For Structural Change And Greater Accountability In The Fisheries Sector

PR Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, has called  for structural changes and greater accountability in the fisheries sector. 

Continuing his series of meetings with ministers and top ministry officials, Dr. Mitchell  expressed his concern about the current state of the fisheries sector.  

He said, “We have to be honest with ourselves, the fisheries sector needs a complete  overhaul. The management system must change and we must ensure that there is a  greater level of accountability. We know what the weaknesses are and we must take quick  action to address those.” 

Prime Minister noted that effecting the necessary reforms in the sector will present a  formidable challenge for the new Minister for Fisheries, Hon. Yolande Bain-Horsford and  the Permanent Secretary responsible for Fisheries and Cooperatives, Mr. Michael  Stephen.  

Sharing some advice, Dr. Mitchell said, “When policy decisions are taken, we must move  quickly to implement them. The sector needs urgent help and we must demonstrate our  commitment to making the requisite improvements.” 

The Prime Minister also cited the issue of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as an area for  quick action. He said, “We must regain our strategic direction where MPAs are concerned.  There appears to be too much self-interest rather than doing what is best for the country  as a whole. The MPA in Carriacou should serve as a model for what we should be doing  in Grenada. It is well organised and providing the requisite service and we need to see  that emulated across the country.” 

Both the Minister and the Permanent Secretary have pledged their commitment to work  collaboratively to bring about the necessary restructuring and revitalisation of the fisheries  sector.