New Finance Minister Meets With Staff

PR – Grenada’s new Minister for Finance, Hon. Gregory Bowen, has expressed confidence  in the ability of the ministry’s staff to execute the Government’s mandate to rebuild  the economy in this COVID-19 impacted environment. 

Minister Bowen was speaking during his first meeting with the staff of his new ministry.  

During the virtual meeting, Minister Bowen told the staff that his first impression is  that of an excellent team of people who are ready for the task ahead. 

Grenada like many other countries experienced a significant drop in revenue due to  the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Minister Bowen told the team, “I encourage you to be vigilant, to curb expenditure  leakages and wastage. We have seen revenue decline by up to 50% and our recovery  strategy must include encouraging compliance, enhancing service delivery processes  and finding new ways to generate revenue.” 

The new Finance Minister noted that changing the culture of operations and twinning technology with the shift system are critical components as we adapt to our new  normal. This would require strict data security protocols, which are already being  addressed. 

The immediate focus for the Ministry is the timely preparation of the 2021 National  Budget, which will set out the government’s priorities for the coming year. 

The feedback from staff included questions and comments about the upcoming  budget, staffing, safety protocols for staff and the public in the context of COVID-19  and the new management structure. 

Minister Bowen said he was excited about the healthy discussions, and expressed  gratitude for the various interventions, stating that the team must join hands,  especially in this difficult period which has brought with it, greater responsibility for  the Ministry.  

The Minister for Finance looks forward to continued dialogue and enhancement of the  team approach towards results-oriented outcomes.