Grenada Forecast To Be Affected By An Approaching Tropical Wave Thursday And Friday

PR – Forecasters at the Meteorological Office at the Maurice Bishop International Airport have advised of another approaching Tropical Wave, forecast to affect the state of Grenada on Thursday afternoon into Friday.

Models agree that while the axis of the wave will traverse the island by Wednesday afternoon, most of the significant convective activity will trail the wave.

Hence, there is a medium chance of isolated showers and a low chance of thunder on Wednesday, but increased cloudiness, showers and thundershowers can be expected on Thursday afternoon to overnight as the tail end of the wave propagates across our shores. 

Consequentially, a marine warning has been institute for Thursday and Friday and there is also a medium chance of flooding and landslides in vulnerable areas on those days.

NaDMA urges all to take the advisories seriously as we prepare for another two possible wet days to come.

Preparedness is key and it is important that we do, all we can to remain safe and safe guard life, property and livelihoods.