Review Of TAMCC Student Grades From CXC

PR –  The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information has promised that once information is made available on their behalf, it will give full support to students at the T.A. Marryshow Community  College (TAMCC), who are requesting a review of their grade(s). 

The CXC deadline for reviews expires on Oct. 23, 2020 and the Ministry is therefore appealing  to all concerned to start the process for the review of the grades of individual students who have  already received their results, so that any discrepancies identified can be brought to the attention  of the CXC and resolved in the shortest possible time frame. 

The Ministry notes that while there is a fee for the review, students who are confident about their  performance and receive an upgrade always receive a full refund. Requests for reviews have  traditionally been made through the TAMCC, and there have been no difficulties once the  requests are made within the announced deadline.  

At a meeting of OECS Education Ministers held during the week of Sept. 28, Grenada’s Minister  for Education, Hon. Emmalin Pierre, was part of an OECS decision to provide support to the  competent independent team appointed to conduct a regional review of the 2020 CXC  examinations. 

The Minister believes that since that process of the regional review commissioned by Sir Hilary  Beckles, Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI) and Chairman of CXC has  started, stakeholders should allow the process to take its natural course. She added that students  across the region have been submitting their requests for review, understanding that it is the only  means at this time by which they can receive a review of their individual grades or receive an  improved grade.  

The Ministry reminds the public that the full assessment of the performance of all students who  wrote the CAPE exams is not yet completed, as TAMCC is still awaiting the results of students  who were ungraded. As indicated by the Hon. Minister for Education during a press briefing on  Sept. 29, a public statement will be made in this regard. 

The Ministry wishes to remind the general public that, as indicated on several occasions in the  press conference, the local review completed relates to CSEC and not CAPE, as some results for  CAPE are still outstanding. 

The Ministry understands the concerns of TAMCC students who believe that they are deserving  of a better grade, but notes that to date no official information has been brought to its attention,  on behalf of any student at the College. 

Students are therefore kindly advised to contact their lecturer or the registrar at TAMCC to  report concerns (about their grades or to enquire about support that can be provided to request a  review) as these matters cannot be solved in the public domain.