Government Continues To Demonstrate Commitment To Improving School Infrastructure

PR  – The Government of Grenada is continuing to demonstrate its  commitment to the improvement of school infrastructure across the country. 

On Tuesday, the sod was turned for the start of the $10.8 million project to refurbish Bishops College in Carriacou. The work, under the Grenada Enhancement Project  (GEEP), will entail construction a two-storey Multi-Science Block, reconstruction of the  administrative wing and refurbishment of the existing building. 

In a pre-recorded message shared at Tuesday’s event, Prime Minister, Dr. the Right  Honourable Keith Mitchell, said Government remains committed to ensuring that students are provided with an appropriate learning environment that is conducive to learning. 

He said, “Young people are recognised globally as the leaders of tomorrow and therefore,  we must ensure that they are provided with an opportunity to learn and grow in an  environment that will appropriately nurture them to become the leaders we want them to  be.” 

Dr. Mitchell urged teachers, staff, students and parents to look past the inconveniences  that may arise during the rehabilitation work, as these would pale in comparison to the  potential benefits to be derived from the upgraded school. 

The Prime Minister noted that in addition to improving school infrastructure, projects such  as these, create much-needed employment opportunities. 

He said, “As countries all over the world continue to battle with the economic impact of  the COVID-19 pandemic, the employment generated by projects become even more  important. In the midst of growing unemployment in various sectors, the jobs created by  these projects, provide a beacon of hope for persons who may have been otherwise  unemployed. Therefore, as part of our strategy to help revitalise the local economy and  create employment, Government is refocussing its commitment to the implementation of  capital projects.”

Dr. Mitchell said it’s a win-win situation – jobs are created and workers are better able to  provide for their families; the country’s school infrastructure is improved; educators are  more motivated to teach and students benefit from enhanced learning environments. 

The Prime Minister concluded by reiterating Government’s commitment to ensuring that  positivity and continued growth and development are the critical outcomes achieved.