RGPF Reinforces Traffic Regulations

PR –  At the stakeholders meeting held on  Thursday, September 17, 2020 with operators within the trucking industry, the  Royal Grenada Police Force reinforced Road Traffic regulations.  

ACP Jessmon Prince took the opportunity to address a number of traffic issues  relating directly to the trucking industry. They were: 

  • Passengers sitting in the trays of trucks, or on top of goods or materials in  the tray of these trucks is illegal. However, the Licensing Authority  (Commissioner of Police) may grant permission subject to specific  conditions for the conveyance of passengers in a safe and appropriate  manner. 
  • Even when special permission is granted by the Licensing Authority, no  person is allowed to sit on loads (goods/material) in the trays of the trucks.  Also carrying persons on top of heavy duty equipment is prohibited.  
  • Speeding: the stipulated speed limit for Trucks and motor omnibuses  within any Town is 20 m.p.h. elsewhere in the State 35 m.p.h. It was  observed that some truckers are driving in ways which intimidate other road  users. An appeal was made to all motorists to be considerate and road  friendly.
  • Spillage of aggregates and concrete mixture on the road surface and the need  for the Concrete Mixing companies and the truckers to clean up after such  spillage. 
  • An appeal to stop the practice of overloading of trucks (trucks carrying more  than their gross weight).  
  • The need for regular maintenance of trucks by qualified technicians to avoid  accidents and pollution. 
  • Proper location of lights on the trucks to indicate the width and height of  vehicles. 
  • Escorts for trailers and tractors to be more road friendly. The distance  between the escort vehicle and the trailer or tractor must be between 75 to  100 yards to give adequate warning to road users. 

ACP Prince also cautioned truck drivers to operate within traffic regulations to  safeguard other road users, themselves and physical infrastructure. He indicated  that the RGPF will be strengthening enforcement of the regulations. A key  weakness noted was the reluctance of persons to report details such as Vehicle  Registration Numbers which affects enforcement and accountability especially as it  relates to spillages.  

The issue of scheduled operations of trucks along the Grenville Vale Road was  raised along with giving way to other motorists during peak hours. The truck  operators noted the impact that scheduling will have on business operations and  waste collection. It was agreed that further discussion on the feasibility of this  along that and other roads is required and will take place in the weeks ahead.  

In closing, the RGPF and Ministry look forward to continued engagement with the  Trucking Industry on road traffic and transport issues.