Prime Minister Encourages 2020 PBC Graduates To Continue The School’s History Of Excellence

PR Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, has  encouraged the 2020 graduating class of the Presentation Brothers College to continue  the history of excellence the school is known for. 

In a message to the graduates of his alma mater, Dr. Mitchell said, “I have high hopes for  all of you. As you join me and thousands of others as alumni of this noble institution, I  encourage you to go forth and make your mark on the world. COVID-19 may have  changed the world that we live in but it has also created opportunities for innovation. You  don’t necessarily have to fit into an existing mold, you can find your own niche and  become pioneers.” 

Dr. Mitchell acknowledged the challenges this particular graduating class faced, having  to complete their secondary education in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

He said, “COVID-19 has created challenges for us all, but here you are today as proof  that good things are still possible, even in periods of adversity. Your presence here means  that you have conquered the challenges brought about by a global pandemic and today,  you celebrate that victory.” 

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the new graduates are well poised to  embrace future challenges. He said, “Having to adapt to a new style of learning at a crucial  time in your secondary school education was an important life lesson. I want you to take  this with you as you journey through life. In future, when times get difficult, just remember,  there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Embrace the struggles or challenges that you  face because they are part of life’s journey, but don’t for a moment think that you will not  succeed at whatever you put your mind to.” 

On a lighter note, Dr. Mitchell, an avid cricketer and fan of the sport, shared memories of  playing cricket for PBC in the 1960s, the school winning a national cricket championship  and him later being selected to captain the combined Windward and Leeward Islands  Youth team.