Guyanese Police Fail To Find West Coast Berbice Crime Scene

(LOOP NEWS CARIBBEAN) – Seventy-five members of Guyana’s police and defence forces searched the back lands of the Number Two and Three Villages in West Coast Berbice (WCB) yesterday to find the place where cousin’s Joel and Isaiah Henry were hacked to death on September 5.

However, there search proved futile as the crime scene was not found.

The Guyana Police Force said: “the investigation continues as the investigators pursue to exhaust all leads in search of two suspects and anyone else behind the murders.”

Earlier this week, police released all of the suspects held in connection with the boys’ murders.

They are all on bail.

At that time, police said their investigators determined that 18 year old Joel and Isaiah, 16, were killed at another location and their bodies were dumped near a coconut estate in the back dam of Cotton Three, WCB.

Joel and Isaiah left their homes on the day they were murdered to go to a plot of land, which is owned by their family, to pick coconuts.

When the teens failed to return home, their families launched a desperate search to find them.

On September 6, the boys’ mutilated bodies were found.

An autopsy revealed the teens died as a result of haemorrhage and shock from the multiple chop wounds they received.