National Address By Dr. The Right Honourable Keith Mitchell

PR – Grenadians, all, I greet you this evening to bring news of the much- anticipated changes to the composition of the Cabinet of our country. 

This change is more about facilitating personal growth and development, and allowing Ministers to become more versatile, by managing different portfolios and most importantly, enabling Government to become more efficient in handling the affairs of the state. 

Those who have closely monitored and followed my style of leadership would know that in the middle of any term of office, my usual approach is to give Ministers an opportunity to develop their skills in managing different areas of Government, especially if they have served in one Ministry for an extended period of time. 

The portfolio changes are intended to give my Cabinet colleagues an opportunity to broaden their experience, and to bring a new outlook to another area of Government service. 

This Cabinet reshuffle entails a mix of changes. 

In addition to re-assigning Ministers to different ministries/portfolios; in some instances, I have separated the portfolios included in some ministerial 

assignments and placed them with others. Therefore, some Ministers will have additional responsibilities and/or, new areas of responsibilities. 

This Cabinet reshuffle will enhance our performance by allowing us to build on the progress made, and to solidify our achievements to date, while creating a springboard for future development. 

Fellow Grenadians, all, these changes are being made with the clear understanding that we are living in the COVID-19 period, and as such, they are expected to enhance our successful control of the virus. We have done an excellent job here in Grenada so far, in preventing the spread of this disease, and while individual responsibility plays a significant role, Government’s leadership in this regard, has been critical in achieving the level of success to date. 

Therefore, the changes being announced now will enhance our ability to ensure the continued protection of our beloved country and its people. 

Sisters and brothers all, it is my firm belief that one of the greatest attributes of a successful leader lies not just in his accomplishments during his period of service, but also in the decisions taken to facilitate a smooth transition to new leadership. In other words my friends, a true leader must have a sound succession plan that adequately prepares future leaders to seamlessly take over the reins of leadership. Therefore, it was with this futuristic thinking that this Cabinet reshuffle has also been considered. 

Here now are the Ministerial portfolio changes which will take effect in the first week of October. 

➢ Minister Nickolas Steele will continue to head the Ministry of Health and Social Security. In addition, he will have the support of Minister Delma Thomas, who will work with him, and have specific responsibility for Hospital Services within that Ministry, in addition to her full responsibility as Minister for Housing, Community Development and Social Services. 

➢ The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Consumer Affairs will now be headed by Minister Alvin Da Breo. 

➢ The Ministry of Finance, Public Utilities, Energy, Physical and Economic Development will now be headed by Minister Gregory Bowen. 

➢ The Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Transport and Implementation will now be headed by Senator Norland Cox. 

➢ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and Caricom Affairs will now be headed by Minister Oliver Joseph. 

➢ The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Lands and Labour will now be headed by Minister Peter David. 

➢ The Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts, Co-operatives and Fisheries will now be headed by Minister Yolande Bain Horsford. 

➢ The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Information and Religious Affairs will continue to be headed by Minister Emmalin Pierre. 

➢ The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism will have added with it, Climate Resilience and the Environment, and will be headed by Minister Clarice Modeste Curwen. 

➢ The Minister in the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Tourism, and Climate Resilience, with specific responsibility for Climate Resilience and the Environment will be Senator Simon Stiell. 

➢ The Ministry for Legal Affairs, Carriacou and Petit Martinique Affairs and Local Government will continue to be headed by Minister Kindra Maturine-Stewart. 

➢ The Department of Public Administration, Home Affairs, National Security, Youth Development, Disaster Management and ICT, will now be headed by the Hon. Prime Minister. 

➢ The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Ministry with special responsibility for Needy Assistance, Uniform Allowance, Special Projects and ICT will be Minister Pamela Moses. 

➢ The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Ministry with special responsibility for Youth Development will be Minister Kate Lewis. 

➢ The Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Ministry with special responsibility for Disaster Preparedness will be Senator Winston Garraway. 

Ladies and gentlemen, sisters and brothers all, as I said, this is meant to give even more effectiveness to the management of this government. I ask therefore for your prayers for the new Ministers in their new roles as they continue to guide, and for the safety and development of this beautiful country of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. 

Thank you.