Recommendations From Youth To Be Given Priority For 2021 Budget

PR –  Minister for Finance Dr. Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell has assured the young people of this nation that their recommendations will be given priority as the government prepares for budget 2021, in these very unique and challenging times.

Dr. Mitchell, who was at the time addressing more than 200 young people at the 2021 Youth Budget Consultation, said the input from youth will play both a direct and indirect role in the formulation of the budget, as any decision made in this period will have an enormous impact on their lives. 

Reiterating that planning for the budget will be critical, Dr. Mitchell said, “We have to look at ways of raising revenue differently, we have to look at the opportunities to transform the local economy.” 

Government has established a Task Force that will examine areas of transformational activities, the recommendations of which will be included in the budget. In addition, members of the Economic Advisory Committee will advise the Finance Minister and Cabinet on, “more revolutionary ways to transform the economy of the country to prepare for the upcoming period.” 

Minister for Youth, Hon. Kate Lewis says government is committed to achieving a robust economy with young people at the centre of development. However, she says they must be ready to play their part. “It will take innovation and commitment from young people to move the country forward with the current challenges that confronts us.” 

The government was also commended by the youth representatives at the meeting for its leadership role during this period and its desire to include them in the decision making process. 

The 2021 budget will be guided by the theme: “Towards Vision 2035, Recovery, Transformation and Resilience.”