Won’t Recommend Vaccines Unless Safe – WHO chief

    (AP) — The head of the World Health Organization says the UN health agency won’t recommend any coronavirus vaccine before it is proved safe and effective.

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the comment Friday, even as Russia and China have started using their experimental vaccines before long-term studies have been completed. Other countries have proposed streamlining authorization procedures.

    He says vaccines have been used successfully for decades and credited them with eradicating smallpox and bringing polio to near elimination. He pointed to newly developed Ebola vaccines that helped end the recent Ebola outbreak in Congo.

    Tedros appealed to people opposed to vaccination to do their own research.

    “The anti-vaccine movement, they can build narratives to fight against vaccines. But the track record of vaccines tells its own story and people should not be confused,” he says. “They can have a look for themselves on how the world actually used vaccines to reduce under 5 mortality to save children.”

    He says he’s hopeful there’d soon be an effective coronavirus vaccine “so the world can get back to normal.”