Prime Minister Meets With Leadership Of The Grenada Union Of Teachers

PR – Prime Minister Dr. Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell held a cordial and open meeting recently, with the leadership of the Grenada Union of Teachers.

The meeting took on special significance, given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Grenada’s education sector that resulted in the prolonged closure of schools.

Both parties expressed a desire to work together to ensure that when schools are reopened, it will be done in a manner that is in the best interest of staff and students.

The Hon. Prime Minister said it will cost the government an additional four million dollars to prepare schools for re-opening, both in terms of renovation, as well as for COVID-19 related maintenance and security, such as purchasing sanitisers and ensuring the overall cleanliness of the schools.

Dr. Mitchell pointed out that even in these difficult financial times, government continues to pay salaries to all workers and teachers, while facing a significant drop in revenue. In light of this, the union and government also committed to working together to deal with any outstanding matters in due course.

The Hon. Prime Minister used the opportunity to compliment the leadership of the Union on its approach to issues of concern, and its willingness to work with government to solve these issues.

He said “their concerns are also the government’s concerns, because when teachers and students are comfortable and satisfied, the government will also be happy.”

Dr. Mitchell is confident that in time, there will be no need for industrial action to solve the issues that the union is concerned about.

The four man delegation to the meeting was led by GUT President, Marvin Andall.