Ministry Of Health Condemns Fake News About New COVID-19 Cases In Grenada

PR- The Ministry of Health has strongly condemned and described as “FAKE NEWS”, reports that Grenada has 40 new COVID-19 cases.

Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shawn Charles condemned the report which he says can harm the perception of Grenada’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its future outlook.

The CMO told the GIS on Tuesday that he is deeply concerned that this action can hinder the Ministry’s response, especially as valuable time can be wasted in addressing this falsehood.

Dr. Charles added that these deliberate acts to spread ‘online falsehoods’ in and about Grenada can have serious consequences, and he noted that such actions are illegal.

“As was, and still is the case, we will continue to inform the public accordingly once there are new cases. To date, there are “NO NEW CASES” of COVID-19 in Grenada. The total number of COVID-19 cases remains at 24, and there have been no new cases since July 22, (34 days ago)” explained (CMO) Charles.

The public is advised to report all attempts to spread “FAKE NEWS” which can lead to unnecessary panic at this time. The Ministry of Health advises and reminds the public to trust news only from credible sources.