TAWU Members At RBTT Bank In Red Ribbon Protest

PR – The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union and its members at RBTT Bank have commenced Industrial Action at the Bank over the failure to seriously attempt to resolve several outstanding issues.

RBC Financial Caribbean has made the decision to sell its operations in the Eastern Caribbean. This includes RBTT Grenada.

The Bank is denying the workers the option of deciding whether they want to seek Termination and receive Severance Pay (like former Scotia workers) or continue with the new owners. In other words, RBTT wants to sell the workers together with the Bank.

Also, RBTT continues to insist that they have the right to severe workers at the same time that it (Bank) gives notice to the Union of the decision to retrench the workers. The Ministry of Labour has already recommended in the Union favour.

The above and other matters have been outstanding for some time now. The Union and the workers have decided to commence Industrial Action against Bank. The workers are reporting to work wearing RED Ribbons on their uniforms as a public show of low-level protest.

The Bank has been informed that the protest actions can b without any further or advance notice.