Men Charged For Stealing Praedial Produce

PR – Eight (8) St. Andrew residents have been arrested and charged in connection with the theft of approximately two thousand three hundred pounds of soursop that were reported stolen from a farmland at River Antoine, St. Patrick, in three separate incidents.

Jointly charged for the offense of Vagrancy are Anthony Edgar, 42 years, Farmer of La Poterie and Steffon John, 27 years, of Moyah. Both men are on 6-thousand dollars bail and are set to appear at the Sauteurs Magistrate’s Court on Thursday 27th August, 2020.

Due to appear at the said Court on September 19th 2020 are Roland Simon, 40 years, Farmer of Grand Bras, Terry Braveboy, 40 years, Farmer, Shondy Griffith, 19 years, Akim Fletcher, 22 years, all of Conference. They have been jointly charged for the offenses of Praedial Larceny and Vagrancy. Simon, Griffith and Braveboy have been placed on 15-thousand dollars bail while Fletcher was placed on 6-thousand dollars bail. They are alleged to have stolen fifteen hundred pounds of soursop valued at seven thousand four hundred dollars.

Additional charges of Praedial Larceny and Vagrancy were laid against Anthony Edgar who has been jointly charged with Lisroy Joseph, 47 years, Fisherman of Pearls and Akim Aberdeen, 21 years, Farmer, of La Poterie. They are alleged to have stolen eight hundred pounds of soursop valued at four thousand dollars. They are also due to appear in Court on September 19th.

The offenses reportedly occurred between July 10th and August 1st, 2020.