Trinidad’s 11th Covid Victim : A Dad Who Died On His 45th Birthday

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – The 11th person to die from complications due to the Covid-19 coronavirus was a 45-year-old father of three.

He died at the Couva Hospital on Sunday, the same day he would have celebrated his birthday.

Relatives were too distraught to speak to the media.

The Express was told, however, that the man began showing symptoms of the virus two weeks ago. He was employed as a petroleum inspector.

The victim visited a public health facility and was tested for Covid-19. He was advised to return home and self quarantine until the results were returned.

On Saturday, eight days later, the results returned positive and the man was taken to the Couva Hospital, the Express was told. He was admitted to the intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator.

He died the next day.

His family has been quarantined.

When his death was announced in a press statement issued by the Health Ministry on Sunday morning, all the Ministry disclosed was that the victim was an adult male with pre-existing medical conditions.

In a tribute, one of his children wrote:

Today you would’ve been 45 years but you had my heart for 20 years. Never thought in a million years that I’d be telling you Happy Birthday like this. I wish God gave me one more day so I would’ve been able to tell you in real. But the most I can say is I love you so much and I have no regrets because the relationship we shared was such a special one. You’d always tell me secretly that I’m your favorite of the three and I’d tell you that I’d do anything for you. You were the first love of my life and you’d be the last❤️ And I always promised you I’d take care of momma, that’s something I’ll never break. Watch over us. Stay with us. Always told you I’d make you proud and everything I do now, I’m doing for you and mommy. I know I’m gonna see you again, but until then, you’ll be in my heart forever and always. Happy Birthday Daddy.

xx To everyone who has sent messages and called; on behalf of my family and I, we appreciated it so much & just keep us in your prayers, thank you once again everyone! xx