More Auto Parts Dealers Confirm Support To Provide Discounts On Purchases Of Vehicle Parts

PR –  More local auto parts dealers are joining the list of those willing to offer discounts on the purchase of vehicle parts to bus operators.

 SP’s International Trading Ltd is offering 16% off on Auto parts, which include engine oil. In response to the government’s request for assistance for bus operators, the company will also add value by offering an exclusive VIP listing where bus operators can enjoy 30% off storewide all day at its periodic VIP sales events.

That offer took effect on Monday, and expires on September 1st.

Additional support is being offered by, Dollar Saver Auto Parts of Mt. Gay, St. George. That company is offering discount on Front disc pads.

Earlier this year, government made representation to auto parts dealers on the possibility of providing discounts, recognizing the serious negative economic fallout of the COVID19 pandemic on bus owners.

Support to the initiative has already been given by:

  • Discount Auto Parts, Halifax Street, St. George’s -15% discount on vehicle parts until July 31.
  • Huggins Automotive Division, Maurice Bishop Highway, St. George’s: special programme of discount on the servicing of vehicles, automotive parts, select tyres and the purchase of the NV350 Basic Model Vehicle.
  • Andy Johnson Auto Parts, Woodlands, St. George’s – a number of discount options on automotive parts.

Government thanks all businesses, which have responded to its request for support towards the Bus Operators.