Trinidad: Venezuelan Teen Raped, Left For Dead

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) – A Venezuelan woman was raped, stabbed and left for dead in a gravel road in Debe on Tuesday.

The victim is an 18 year old vendor, who was headed to San Fernando to sell empanadas.

Police are searching for three men in connection with the incident.

Around 1.40 p.m. a ‘ph’ taxi driver with passengers saw the woman lying at the side of M2 Ring Road.

He stopped his vehicle and he and the passengers contacted police and ambulance.

The woman’s face and clothing was covered with blood, and she bore stab wounds and cuts to her hands and face.

She was barely conscious, officers were told.

Police said when she revived she spoke a few words and said that she lived in Siparia with her father and other relatives.

She entered the ph taxi, in which there was a driver and two passengers, at Siparia, to be taken to San Fernando. En route to her destination, the men attacked her.

They dumped her in a gravel road and sped off.

The woman is warded in serious conditions at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Officers of the SAN Fernando CID , ERP and DUI units responded.