St. Vincent: Single Mother Of 8 Month Baby Pled Guilty To Shoplifting Charges

( –  Cassy Bradshaw, 23, of Brighton pled guilty to 3 counts of theft before Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne last Monday August 10. The young parent was hauled before the Serious Offences Court on charges that she stole a quantity of personal care items and children’s books from local retailers Jax Enterprises on 3 separate occasions.

Bradshaw, a single mother, was accused of robbing the 48 years old family owned establishment of stock valued $207.40 on August 6 and $70.20 again on August 7, 2020. These other incidences occurred after she was already flagged as a shoplifter at the same department store about a week before.

The Court heard that on July 31, 2020 Jax’s security chief Thomas O’Garro was on duty patrolling the household department and noticed two boxes were unusually placed; he checked each box and found them empty. O’Garro then reviewed the CCTV footage and saw Bradshaw removing a stainless steel water bottle and travel mug from the boxes before putting them in her hand bag.

Bradshaw was observed walking pass the cashier and leaving the store while neglecting to pay for her selections. A complaint was filed with Police Constable McKenzie which resulted in the suspect being picked up and questioned. Bradshaw, who admitted to the offence, was arrested and charged. The ensuing search warrant was executed at her home and some items were recovered.

On August 6 Bradshaw, unemployed at that time, was again seen removing items from shelves and placing them in a hand bag. As before she walk passed the cashier, went outside but was apprehended, this time. The investigating officer went back to Jax to review the footage and Bradshaw was again cautioned and charged.

Bradshaw returned, for her third thieving escapade on August 7. Jax’s security personnel recognized her face and monitored her movements as she feigned shopping.

She used a trolley as she browsed several departments and selected that day’s stolen items. The young woman then moved to another area in the store as she removed the items and placed them under her left arm before heading to the second floor.

While there, she was observed removing said items from her left arm to her right arm then into her bag. Management was informed and the police called in as she made her way downstairs and out of the store.

Bradshaw was stopped in the gallery, arrested and charged by PCs Collins, Smith and Patterson dressed in plain clothes.

Bradshaw claimed to be sorry stating she took the items for her 8 month old child.
When it came to her sentence, credit was given for the guilty plea and the fact that most of the items were recovered.
The stolen items included: (1) Huggies Natural Care wipes, (2) Blue Adequai umbrellas, (1) hot and cold water bottle, (1) Bible story book, (9) Keyword Fairytale children books, (1) Olive Oil hair polish, (1) foot care set and (1) roller deodorant amongst others.

For the August 6 infraction, she was placed on a 6-month bond which carries a 6-month jail term or a $1500.00 fine if she’s found to be in default.

She was also ordered to observe a 6-month bond for the August 7 offence or face one week in jail. She must also compensate Jax Enterprises some $14.00 for missing items from that day’s heist. As for her July 31 transgression, Bradshaw who represented herself, must compensate the multi-level retail and wholesale business $53 (and change) for unrecovered items.

Chief Magistrate Browne reprimanded the young mother saying, “when you don’t have you must do without. Stop watch people, you don’t know what they did to get what they have. Some of the things you don’t even need.”