EC $10.8 Million Awarded To Hanover Construction Company For Bishop College Expansion And Refurbishment 

PR – The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information hereby informs the general public that a contract has been awarded, at a cost of EC $10.8 million, to Hanover Construction Company Limited, for the expansion and refurbishment of Bishops College.

The contractor has 21 days to commence work. This is the third contract to be awarded, in the past three months, under the first phase of the Grenada Enhancement Project (GEEP), an agreement of the Government of Grenada and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). 

Rehabilitation work has already begun at the Presentation Brothers College, at a cost of EC $ 4.59 million and at the Grenada Seventh Day Comprehensive Secondary School, costing EC $ 7.2 million. These contracts were awarded to Kenny’s Equipment & Construction Services. 

In addition, the Ministry of Education also wishes to inform the public that general school maintenance, of all schools on the island, is ongoing. EC $50 million has been secured and will be spent on expansion and repairs of schools between 2020 and 2021.