Defend Grenada’s Democracy – No To COVID-19 Control Bill

PR – The Grenada TradesUnion Council (GTUC) expresses its utter dismay with the recent attempt by the Government led by Dr. Keith Mitchell, to bring to Parliament, a Bill that will have the effect of curtailing the rights and freedom of our people Corona Virus Disease (COVID19) Control Bill 2020

The GTUC questions the intention of the Government in advancing such a Bill at this time. The fact that it sought, among others, to give unlimited powers to the coercive arm of the state, the Police Force, to enter any premises without a warrant is deep cause for concern

Even if the Bill proposed a twelve month period, we take note that Prime Minister Mitchell, who is also the Minister for National Security, had earlier spoke about establishing a permanent state of emergency until a vaccine is found to treat COVID19

  • The Grenada TradesUnion Council stresses its opposition to the Bill 

and any attempt to curtail our hardwon freedom must be resisted by any and all means necessary. In this context, therefore, we salute the swift response of the Grenadian people in ensuring that the Bill was held back from this upcoming sitting of Parliament


We are very much heartened by the interest shown by the people of Grenada, especially our younger population in matters of national concern

We cannot allow our guard to drop. Where there is smoke there is fire, we must remain vigiliant