Government Seeks Even Further Assistance For Bus Operators

PR – Recognising the serious economic effects of COVID-19 on Bus Operators in the country, the Government of Grenada, through the Division of Transport, made representation to auto parts dealers on the possibility of providing discounts on the purchase of vehicle parts. 

Three dealers have confirmed their support and commenced with discount programmes. 

  • Discount Auto Parts, Halifax Street, St. George’s, has extended its programme of 15% discount on vehicle parts until July 31. 
  • Huggins Automotive Division, Maurice Bishop Highway, St. George’s, has commenced a special programme of discount on the servicing of vehicles, automotive parts and select tyres. It is also offering savings on the purchase of the NV350 Basic Model Vehicle. 
  • Andy Johnson Auto Parts, Woodlands, St. George’s, is offering a number of discount options on automotive parts. 

Government extends gratitude to these companies and others which have committed their support to bus operators, even while they too are in recovery mode, having also been impacted by the pandemic. The Division of Transport will continue its follow-up with other auto parts dealers, who have been invited to be part of the programme of assistance. 

In addition to the assistance sought from auto parts dealers, Government also made representation to the Bankers’ Association, Grenada Development Bank, Credit Unions and their League, seeking additional relief and comfort for the Bus Operators. 

Initial feedback to the request is favourable, and discussions have begun on the areas of support. 

Bus Operators are also benefitting from an extension of a waiver on Bus Terminal Fees by the Grenada Ports Authority at the request of government, to which the Port Authority acceded. The waiver has been extended to the month of September. 

Government also continues to bear the cost of sanitization of buses and the provision of hand sanitisation fluid in excess of $50,000 per month. It remains committed to supporting the steady and dependable provision of public transportation throughout the country. 

The assistance is in addition to that given to close to 670 bus operators, under the Government’s COVID-19 Stimulus Package