CAL Warns Passengers: No Mask, No Boarding

(LOOP NEWS) – Caribbean Airlines (CAL) has advised that all passengers are required to wear face masks.

In a statement on Friday, it said this requirement is compulsory.

“We require all customers to wear a face mask/covering throughout their entire journey at all Caribbean Airlines touch-points from check-in at the airport, departure gate areas, jet-bridges and on-board the aircraft for the duration of the flight.”

CAL further warned that customers will be denied boarding if they fail to comply.

“This requirement is compulsory. Refusal to comply, shall result in customers being denied boarding by the airline; except in the case of children under the age of 2 years, or adults who have a medical condition which prevents them from using a mask.”

It added that any special exemptions would need to be endorsed by a medical practitioner and approved by CAL before travel.

For further information and guidelines for travel, you can visit the following link on CAL’s website: