Statement From The Ministry Of Tourism

PR – The Ministry of Tourism shares the following information in relation to tourist attraction sites. 

In keeping with regulations issued as part of the State of Emergency instituted to curb the spread of COVID-19, the operation of tourism sites, like other businesses across the country, was restricted. 

The Grand Etang Lake was one such facility which was closed and public access was prevented through the closure of the gate. 

Similar to the sector-based requirements for businesses to resume operations, tourism attraction sites must follow established guidelines before they are allowed to reopen. 

As such, the facilities are being outfitted with the COVID readiness protocols, which include installation of touchless hand sanitizers and the training of staff who are now back on the job. 

In addition, the gate to the Grand Etang Lake is damaged and arrangements are being made for repair. 

In the meantime, individuals visiting the lake, have not been turned away. However, in keeping with the restriction on mass gathering, the Ministry is not encouraging large crowds to visit the attraction site. 

Going forward, the gates to the lake will be open during the day as is customary, and closed at nights. Persons wishing to use the facilities for special events are asked to request permission in writing, from the Ministry of Tourism. 

The gate at Fort Frederick, another tourist attraction site, was closed due to incidents of vandalism. The damage has been addressed, and the facility will be opened during the day, and closed at nights. 

With the launch of Paradise at home, the Ministry of Tourism is inviting all Grenadians to explore the natural and scenic beauty of our country and its rich history, as well as experience the excellent services offered in the accommodation sector. 

Visitors to our shores will join you some time later, but in the meantime, the Ministry of Tourism urges you to take advantage of the charms of Pure Grenada, Spice of the Caribbean.