Opposition Takes Win In St. George Arm Of Parish Youth Debate

PR – It was a show of true comradery and passion, displayed by representatives from St. George, at the 2020 Parish Youth Debate. 

The team of youth debaters presented their findings on the theme, “Does the Juvenile Delinquent Rehabilitation Center and the reasons for its implementation serve to the juveniles who committed the act(s) and the parties affected by such act(s).” 

Following weeks of intensive training via zoom, the participants were taught the basic skills and knowledge essential in debating ethically and effectively.

Parliamentary Representative for the constituency of St. George South East, Hon. Gregory Bowen commended the participants and challenged them to take the knowledge and experience gained, beyond the doors of the debate.

“I want to commend those who presented today, your research shows that much time and dedication went into the process, based on your utterances and I want to commend you on a job well done”.

Member of the Opposing team, Brianne Thomas emerged top Debater in the St. George’s leg of the debate.

A unanimous decision by all four judges landed the members of the Opposition victory, with 1,125 points while the proposition amassed 1,052 points.

The next Debate is scheduled for July 15th and will feature the participants from the parishes of St. John and St. Mark combined.

They will debate the topic “will early treatment of depression reduce future mental illness”.