Government Continues To Invest In School Infrastructure 

PR – The Government of Grenada continues to invest, along with its social partners, in the refurbishment, upgrade and creation of new school infrastructure island wide.

In a press briefing, on July 7, 2020, Minister for Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information, Hon. Emmalin Pierre, said expenditure on school infrastructure in 2020, thus far, exceeds EC $100, 000, with EC $15 million budgeted for the overall maintenance of schools. 

Pierre said, “During this period – July to August – 75 schools will be repaired , and that does not include our special toilet maintenance programme, which we have started, not just as a response to COVID-19, but because of the critical need for such, and some $2.5 million will be spent there.” 

The Minister also highlighted major work to be completed under the Grenada Education Enhancement Project (GEEP), which is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank. 

“Presentation Brothers College – we actually saw work started there to the tune of $4.56 million. Grenada SDA Comprehensive – the contract has been signed and we expect work will start in July. Bishop’s College – we have received no objection on that particular project. It has been approved by CDB. The contractor is currently being engaged and we expect that by end of August work would start there, to the tune of some $10.45 million dollars,” she explained. 

The Minister said other major work that is in progress include the construction of two pre-schools, the Paradise Pre-School and the Happy Hill/Brizan Pre-School, which are being relocated to new sites. Work has also begun on the River Sallee Pre-School Expansion Project. Two St. Andrew schools are also very close to finally getting new school buildings. 

Pierre said, “We are in the design phase for two new schools – St. Andrew’s Anglican Primary School and the Grenada Christian Academy. We expect that those designs will be completed by November 2020.” 

She explained that some issues are being resolved, regarding the lands to be used for the new St. David’s Catholic Secondary School, and that a public announcement will be made shortly, about the progress of that. Additionally, Minister Pierre provided some clarity as to whether or not the St. Andrew’s Anglican Primary School will be relocated from the town of Grenville. 

She said that the Ministry has received the assurance from the architects, that it is possible to create a design that will ensure the safety and security of all those who use that facility. However, she noted that the costing of that design will influence the final decision, as to whether or not it would be financially possible to have the school constructed, at the original location.