PM Mottley: Integration Needed To Fast-Track Growth Of New Caribbean

(LOOP NEWS CARIBBEAN) – “The Caribbean should not be invisible for many and disposable for some.”

The assertion made by Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley during the second session of a four-part webinar series hosted by the OECS.

Held under the theme Business Unusual: Recalibrating National and Business Strategies for Economic Growth and Investment Creation, these sessions are being held leading up to the 2020 Sustainable Development Summit which is also being hosted by the OECS.

During her address to the 4000 viewers who tuned in from 50 countries, PM Mottley said the region should not be abandoned.

Drawing reference to the criteria established to determine access to the UN Global Fund for purchase of In-vitro Diagnostics, she bemoaned the fact that 10 Caribbean countries did not qualify based on Maternal Mortality rates.

The Caribbean has the capacity to be stronger, but it needs to use a united voice, to shape and influence the challenges that confront the global community and its [own] future, by promoting and embracing national and regional symbiotic tripartite relationships, to strategically steer the areas of influence in the Region.”

Prime Minister Mottley was joined by a slew of other panellists, including Director-General of the OECS, Dr Didacus Jules.

In his closing statements, he pointed to the innovative frameworks that are critical to the rejuvenation and growth of economies from a national, regional and global perspective.

The current [economic and COVID-19] situation underscores the relevance of pursuing an integrated framework for Sustainable Development. The voice of the Caribbean Region must become elevated to take leadership on critical resilience and sustainable development issues.”

The OECS Director-General said when coupled with imagination, the digital opportunities emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic can set pathways for rapid and transformative actions to fast-track growth within the region.