SGU Provides Training Support To Grenada Red Cross

PR – Twelve (12) volunteers from the Grenada Red Cross Society received in-person training in the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPEs) at the SGU Clinical Teaching Unit at the Grenada General Hospital.
The Ministry of Health also conducted a virtual training session for 25 volunteers. The GRCS president, Samantha Dickson (also Faculty at SGU), in her comments reminded that, “we are in this together and through the auxiliary role to government, the Red Cross continues to support national management of emergencies. This training positions the Grenada Red Cross to support health-related activities should the need arise and reinforces that collaboration and networking are key aspects of effective coordination.” Volunteers were trained to “don and doff” masks, face shields, full suits, overalls and gloves.
The importance of teamwork and psychological support was reiterated.
The training was organized through Drs. Dolland Noel and Anna Cyrus-Murden of the clinical skills department at SGU and facilitated by Nurse Wall.