Government Promises To Assist LIAT Workers In Grenada

PR– LIAT workers in Grenada will be added to the list of persons benefitting from the COVID-19 economic stimulus package provided by Government. 

Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, assured workers and their trade union representatives of this during separate meetings held this week. 

LIAT employees have not received salary since March and in recent days, news surfaced about the possible liquidation of the airline because of its growing financial problems which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. 

Dr. Mitchell said, “Members of Cabinet are of the opinion that we have a moral responsibility to assist workers during this difficult time. It is not their fault that they are suddenly and unceremoniously relieved of jobs after years of dedicated service and sacrifice. We have therefore committed to ensuring that they benefit from the economic stimulus package which is specifically designed to provide some relief to impacted persons across the country.” 

The benefits provided under the stimulus package will cater to the immediate needs of the LIAT workers. The impending liquidation of the airline means that workers will be entitled to other benefits. 

In his meeting with the President General of the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers Union and two of the shop stewards Friday morning, the Prime Minister indicated Government’s willingness to engage in discussions to determine what can be done. 

He said, “There are many demands upon Government now, at a time when we are also faced with a significant reduction in revenue. Therefore, Government cannot commit to honouring all of LIAT’s commitment to workers, but we can certainly engage in discussion with the staff and the union to determine how we can help.” 

Dr. Mitchell made the point in both meetings, that regional air transport is necessary and whether it is provided by LIAT or some other airline or combination of airlines, at least some of the workers will be employed.”