Opposition Clinches Victory In St. David Arm Of Parish Youth Debate

PR – ‘With the present economic crisis, propelled by Covid-19, the Government of Grenada should move to legalize all forms of Gambling in an effort to boost the economy”.

This was the 2020 topic chosen for the St. David leg of the Parish Youth Debate. 

Judges and viewers via social media platforms, were treated to a high level of research and debate on the topic.

Both Proposition and Opposition teams presented their findings before the panel with a display of true comradery.

The Proposing team was led by Javon Bartholomew while Ezra Fredrick led the Opposition.

In the end, Ezra Frederick emerged top Debater.

Permanent Secretary with responsibility for Youth Development, Norman Gilbert, commended the participants on their dedication, commitment and preparations that went into their level of presentation on the topic.

“I’m sure the general public was able to learn a lot, based on the rich content of your delivery. As a ministry, we are making every effort to ensure that we keep young persons engaged and this is one of our initiatives for youth engagement, in the absence of our Parish and National Parliament. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we felt it necessary to have debates like these where young people can voice their opinions on national issues”.

The members of the Opposing team emerged winners of the St. David Parish Youth Debate, amassing of a total of 1197 points, with the members of the Proposing team scoring a total of 1147 points.

The next debate is scheduled for Wednesday July 8th, 2020 and will feature debaters from the parish of St. George.

Debaters will present on the following topic “Does the Juvenile Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre; and the reasons for its implementation, serve to the juveniles who committed the act(s) and the parties affected by such act(s).