Opposition Triumphs In First Parish Youth Debate

PR – The first in the series of the 2020 Parish Youth Debate is off to a great start.  

The parish of St. Patrick was the first to represent with a fourteen (14) member team, inclusive of Proposing members, Opposing members, a Moderator and a Time Keeper.

They debated the topic “The opportunity for rehabilitation and subsequent integration of offenders, should be determined by the nature of the crimes they have committed. This is in the best interest of the individual and society”.

Alleisha Allert, Training Facilitator, commended the debaters on excellent deliveries of their positions and also dedication and commitment during the zoom practice sessions, despite the short stint in training. 

“There were a number of things I was pleased with, including their time management, confidence level, they dealt with the issue from several different angles and this reflected that a great level of preparation among the debaters”.

Opposition Member, Asha Mc Ewen, who emerged best debater, said though challenging, it was a worthwhile experience.

“It was fun being in an environment where you felt like your opinion mattered and I think our facilitator Mrs. Allert did an excellent job”, added Ms.Mc Ewen.

A four member team were tasked with the judging of the Debate. 

Chief Judge, Kerry Frank, said the debaters executed a high level research, conviction and proved passionate on the topic.

He says the arguments brought forward by both teams were commendable.

“The proposition made a strong case as to why we should maintain the status quo, why we should keep those who should not be receiving rehabilitation early while the opposition, they looked at the humanity aspect of it”. 

The Opposition team scored twelve hundred and ninety-five points (1,295) while the proposition with twelve hundred and one points (1,201).

The debate is being facilitated by the Division of Youth Development, within the Ministry of Youth Development, Sports, Culture & the Arts.

Permanent Secretary w.r.f Youth Development, Mr. Norman Gilbert, told the debaters that programmes such as the debate, is integral towards the thrust of youth development and empowerment.

“Whilst we were hoping to have the parish parliament, we do understand the limitations as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, so we sought to re-design it to provide an opportunity for youth to express opinions on varying topics”

The next round of debate will be on Thursday June 25th, featuring debaters from the parish of St. Andrew.

They will debate the topic, “Acknowledging that Covid-19 has pushed us into an era where education and technology are intertwined, be it resolved that the current protocols which now exist be made permanent fixtures to our education system”.