Government Clarifies Bus Rotation Initiative

PR – The Government of Grenada wishes to bring clarity to the subject of the rotation of buses (Public Transportation System) which is an initiative of the National Bus Association, in consultation with owners and operators of buses in various zones. 

The initiative was represented by the Bus Association as a way to reduce congestion in bus terminals and on the roads, in particular the town of St. George, Grenville and Sauteurs. It was noted that it may be challenging to operate the 1400 registered buses at this time, since the travelling public has been significantly reduced to about a third of the normal level. 

Rotation was also presented on the basis that it may be a financially better option for bus operators. 

While Government sees no illegality in this initiative once it does not hamper the movement of people, it continues to advise that this can only be based on agreement between parties concerned – that is, bus associations and individual bus operators. Government reminds that the rotation of buses is not in law and hence cannot be enforced by the RGPF. 

It has been observed that rotation should not be in all zones/sub-routes due to the higher level of demand for public transportation in those areas. 

Government will monitor this new arrangement closely to ensure that there is adequate public transportation service throughout the country.