Courts (Unicomer) Grenada Deliberately Violated The Collective Agreement With GTAWU

PR – The Grenada Technical and Allied WorkersUnion brings to the attention of the Grenadian Public and the wider Caribbean Region that COURTS (UNICOMER) Grenada has set out to deliberately violate the existing Collective Labour Agreement between the Company and the Union

The Company has decided that despite having a signed Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) with GTAWU they would seek to violate the said agreement without any considerations for good Industrial Relations in an effort to try and weaken the Union in this period of the COVID19 pandemic. The signed CLA between the parties clearly sets out the procedure to be followed whenever the Company is looking to engage in Redundancy and Retrenchment

The Company has summarily retrenched a worker without giving the required notice to the Union as stipulated in the CLA. The worker was called into a meeting and informed about the retrenchment and instructed to leave the premises on the very said day

The Company has demonstrated that it does not intend to respect the Laws, Unions, and people of Grenada

The Grenada Technical and Allied WorkerUnion is very concerned that in this period of the challenges brought on by COVID19, COURTS (UNICOMER) Grenada is bent on creating industrial challenges for Grenada