Grenada Trades’ Union Council Calls For A Respectful Engagement And Resolution To Ensure The Provision Of Public Transportation By Bus Operators

PR – The Grenada TradesUnion Council expresses its concerns regarding the situation with the provision of transportation to carry workers and the public to and from their destinations as the country continues to face the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The GTUC has been observing the ongoing impasse between the Government of Grenada and the National Bus Association. The GTUC is very concerned that if this matter is not handled with mutual respect then it can continue to affect the movement of workers and the public and by extension the much needed economic activities which are required to coexist with COVID 19

The GTUC takes this opportunity to thank the members of the National Bus Association and others who provided and continues to provide safe and efficient transportation services to workers and their families

As the Country reopens, it is particularly important that we do everything to continue the fight against COVID19. In this context therefore, given the mass public nature of the buses; this call is made to ensure that the necessary hygiene and relevant protocols are implemented and maintained to ensure the health and safety of the workers and commuters

The Grenada TradesUnion Council is willing if so requested, to offer its services in helping to arrive at a settlement to this impasse. This is of critical importance so that the workers of our State can be assured of a safe and reliable transportation service

The GTUC thanks the Bus Operators who were on the frontline risking their lives and wellbeing while exposing themselves and their families to the possibility of contracting COVID19 to ensure that our essential workers were able to report for duty to help keep our nation safe