F.L.Y 2020 To Focus On Communities Of Windward In Carriacou And Willis In St. George

PR – The Willis St.George community center and Dover Government School, will be the focal points for F.L.Y 2020.

FLY, fostering level headed youth, is a one-year integrated community-based training programme targeting twenty-five at-risk youths, ages 18-30 years old.

However given the global Covid-19 pandemic, The Ministry of Youth Development has adjusted its operational guidelines, to ensure the program continues but also that participants are kept safe throughout the training period.

According to Project Officer, within the Ministry of Youth with responsibility for Youth Diversion, Johnny Calliste, the project was officially launched in February, and the Ministry is now ready to commence training

“Both projects were launched in February and because of the Covid-19 situation, we had to put it on hold, so we are looking to restart, we are restarting under different circumstances however, we are operating in the “new normal “so social distancing is one of the things we have to look at in the proposed training centers, we recognize that social distancing is possible based on the present seating arrangements. The participants would also be expected to wear masks and sanitizing solutions will be provided upon entry daily so that’s the route we’re looking to take”.

The project among other aspects, will include three months of life-skill training, the Project Officer added.

“The participants will be trained in personal development in topics such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, career guidance, after this they move onto six months of skills training in a variety of areas which will include construction and agriculture will definitely be included. This will be followed by a two-month internship which also include small business training, before completion of the project.

The Project Officer says the 2020 training is also of significance as it seeks to get the community involved in the journey.

“ we are hoping it would be different to the previous project F.L.Y, we want the community involved, the parents of the participants more involved so we would be having a week of parenting sessions of the participants and there is also a community project that must be completed, so there will be something done within the community. We also have an ambitious plan to have the participants establish a youth organization within their respective communities, as part of the project”.

In 2019, two cohorts of Project FLY were introduced in the communities of Mama Cannes and Pearls, St Andrew. 

Previous cohorts of Project FLY were implemented in the communities of Rose Hill, St Patrick; Mont Tout, St George; Black Bay, St John; Carriacou, and Victoria, St Mark, and St David.