Grenada Red Cross Collaborates With NaDMA For Preparedness Activities Ahead Of The 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season

PR – President of the  Grenada Red Cross Society, Ms. Samantha Dickson voluntarily designed and facilitated a 3-week, 6 hour virtual training and education series for the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA). Some 80 participants received information on COVID-19 and self care, disaster management, shelter management and damage assessment and needs analysis. Emphasis was placed on the role of individuals and communities in emergency management especially with additional considerations for service in the face of COVID-19.

Ms. Dickson says, “It’s always an honour to serve and in this particular situation this gesture reaffirms the Red Cross auxiliary role to government to support services in order to keep people and communities safe by building resilience.”
Participants received tokens such as CPR face shields, first aid paks and stress balls for active participation and will receive a certificate of participation.  Ms. Dickson added, “this is definitely a model for replication given the constraints of COVID-19, this was an easy, economical and innovative way to reach people throughout the island and from the comfort of their homes.”
Participants made pledges to mobilize volunteers within their communities for shelter management and DANA activities. They were also encouraged to review or develop family disaster plans.