Ministry Of Agriculture Receives Agriculture Machinery From The People’s Republic Of China 

PR The People’s Republic of China has come to the aid of the Ministry of Agriculture by gifting to its cause of Food and Nutrition Security, millions of dollars’ worth of machinery and materials, marking 15 years of Technical Cooperation in Agriculture Agreement between the two countries. 

Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Yolande Bain-Horsford, accepted a set of keys for wheeled tractors, trucks, rotary tillers, along with other tools and fertilisers, which totaled a cost of EC $1.2 million, at a brief ceremony at the Chinese Agricultural Mission, at La Sagesse, St. David, on June 5, 2020, 

This gesture is timely, as the Ministry continues to ensure Food and Nutrition security amidst the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to Chinese Ambassador to Grenada, Dr. Zhao Yongchen, agriculture has always been the focal point of the bilateral relations between the two countries. He is hopeful that great things can happen for the sector with the use of the machines. 

“The China-Aid Agricultural Technical Cooperation Project has been carried out for 15 years and made sound contributions to Grenada’s Agricultural Sector. It showcases the deep friendship between our two countries…” 

“I hope these machineries and materials could assist Grenada to recover agriculture production from the impact of COVID-19 and improve farmer’s livelihood,” Ambassador Zhao stated. 

A stimulus package has been developed by the Ministry of Agriculture in response to COVID- 19, to assist farmers towards having increased production on their plots. In thanking the embassy for the donation made, Minister Horsford, acknowledged that it is a significant addition to the stimulus package. 

“The stimulus package provides an excellent start to boost the production, marketing and distribution of agricultural produce. I am also confident that the materials and equipment received will play a major role in the Ministry’s mitigation efforts at this time… 

“The Ministry looks forward with renewed anticipation for the commencement of the trials of many new varieties of fruits and vegetables. We believe that this will provide farmers with an opportunity to be exposed to new varieties and techniques for increasing their production,” she said. 

The Ministry’s stimulus package will focus on three components: Farm Labour Support, Back- yard Gardening and Protective Culture Technology.