Audiomack Invites Caribbean Artistes To Join Streaming Platform

(LOOP NEWS CARIBBEAN) – Audiomack is inviting Caribbean artistes from genres to join their platform.

The American streaming music platform boasts of being at the forefront of the groundbreaking movement for Gen Z music fans, musicians, and industry professionals with easy to access uploading, amazing events, friendly customer service.

With the absence of many popular international streaming platforms in the Caribbean, Audiomack is giving the region’s artistes a way to get their music in the ears of a worldwide audience.

Tanya Lawson, Director of Afrobeats and Caribbean at Audiomack, says the platform has passionately worked to showcase the plethora of prestigious musical talents from the islands.

“Music is a melting pot of many different and beautiful genres of music. Therefore, everyone at Audiomack isn’t only fans of Hip Hop or R&B but also genres such as listens to Rock, Afrobeats, Soca, Punjabi, Zouk, Kompa, and a lot of other types of sounds. Music is everything, so what makes us so unique is that we focus on everything,” Lawson said.

Audiomack already operates in Jamaica and is currently focused on establishing a presence with artistes in Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Grenada, St Lucia, Barbados to name a few.

With a growing excitement from fans in the US and all over the world, the sounds of the islands are a hot commodity that the team at Audiomack strategises with the brand’s signature streaming prowess and ethical branding to increase the overall awareness of the sound.

Audiomack has a wide base of listeners under 34, which makes up nearly 85 percent of the audience on the platform,  allowing new fans of Caribbean genres of music to grow and appreciate the diverse sounds of the culture.

In conjunction with co-founders Dave Macli and David Ponte, Lawson is on a mission to make the many sounds of the island heard throughout the world in many different and uber-creative ways.

With prominent dedication, branding prowess, and execution, their goal is on expanding and increasing awareness for Caribbean music.