Granby Street Bus Stand Terminated

PR – The Traffic Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force wishes to inform the general public that the Granby Street bus stand for Zones 1 and 2 would be terminated at the end of operations today Saturday 6 June, 2020.

Effective Monday 8 June 2020, all buses (zones 1 to 8) would be operating out of the St. George’s bus terminus with two adjustments to the operation structure.

Buses plying Zones 2 and 3 would now occupy the upper level of the terminus which has been retrofitted as the loading bay and holding area for buses of the two zones.

All buses in operation (all zones) would be required to use the established drop off area then proceed to the sanitization point before proceeding to the loading bays or holding area.

Buses choosing to operate using the Express or “pound the road” system MUST terminate each trip at the terminus and be sanitized in keeping with the operation protocol.

Face mask or appropriate face covering MUST be worn by bus operators, conductors and passengers. There MUST be strict adherence to the approved seating plan and sanitizing protocols.

Additionally, all buses plying the zone 1 and 2 routes will continue to observe the travel route in and out of town as has been established.

The RGPF wishes to thank the bus operators and members of the general public for their patience and understanding resulting from having to adjust to the temporary measures that were introduced with the resumption of public transport operation.

Your patience and understanding is highly anticipated as we continue to function in an environment considered to be the new norm.

We urge you to do your part to keep our island safe as we move towards becoming a Covid free state.

Thank you