Magistracy Department Of Grenada – Unrepresented Litigants

PR – The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) has impacted every sector of our Grenadian society, inclusive of the Magistrate’s Courts of Grenada. As a result, we are required to adapt our processes, making greater use of the transferability of our Magistrates throughout the State and the technology available to us to ensure that the business of the Magistracy is carried out. 

The Covid-19 protocols required that the courts be renovated to ensure the safety of both the officers and the public they serve. As a result, in person hearings were suspended. Having met the protocols, in person hearings have resumed at the No. 1 Magistrate’s Court in the Southern District, St. George which is located at St. John’s Street in the town of St. George’s and at the Eastern District, St. Andrew which is located at the upper storey of the former District Board office on Albert Street, Grenville. Where possible, matters will continue to be heard either by video and teleconference (mobile and landlines) or any other approved virtual platform, until further notice. 

Even in the face of this global pandemic, the Magistracy remains conscious of unrepresented persons, and strives to ensure that these persons continue to enjoy unfettered access to justice. 

This modified approach seeks to balance the safety of all persons who are involved or required for any matter before the Magistrate’s Courts with ensuring the continuation of the business of the Magistracy and access to justice. 

IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD about the status of your matter to date, please communicate with us by: 

  • Phone: 440-2060/440-6163(Between Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm) or; 

Email Addresses: