CXC Exams To Begin July 13 — The Caribbean Examinations Council has released the timetables for this years CSEC and CAPE examinations.

The CSEC exams will begin on July 13 with foreign languages and music.

The exams will continue until August. 4

Unlike previous years and owing to the current COVID-19 measures, for many of the examinations, CXC will rely on the School-Based Assessment that students completed months ago to generate a score for their Paper 2 exams.

All of the main subjects will have a Paper 1 examination of multiple-choice questions.

CXC has sought to explain that the modified examinations strategy will yield valid grades, assess critical competencies, and minimize the disruption to the education system.

The award of final grades will be based on the moderated SBAs and multiple-choice papers.

According to CXC, “during grading, CXC’s Quality Assurance Process will apply the appropriate weighting to ensure that candidates are treated fairly and in an unbiased manner”.

The CXC examinations should have been completed during the months of May and June, but with schools across the region closed since March because of the coronavirus pandemic, a decision was made to push back the exams to July and change the format.

Some Caribbean countries are still not supportive of the new CXC format and the exams being done in July.

A number of regional teachers representative groups including the Guyana Teachers Union have expressed reservations and worry about the exams being done in the month of July.