NDC Calls On Government To Show Compassion

PR – The stand-off between the Bus Owners Association and Government should not be allowed to escalate further. Further delay in the resumption of public transportation will result in more hardship on people who depend on public transportation as their main way of going about their daily lives. The Government should consider this and show compassion, especially during this already stressful time.

We are disappointed that discussions between Government and representatives of the bus drivers’ associations on the reopening of public transport services failed to reach an agreement, after having ample time to sort out all these matters. 

The government must appreciate that like all Grenadians who have families to maintain and financial commitments to meet, the bus owners, drivers and conductors have also suffered significant financial losses during the lockdown. They too must be given appropriate relief. 

It is unconscionable for the Government to put bus owners in a position where they are forced increase fares and then turn around and object to the increase, all in an effort pretend that they care about the people. 

The NDC says that there is a very simple and straightforward solution to this problem which will not require bus owners to place any burden on the people by increasing fares. Reduce the $5.50 per gallon petrol tax on gasoline at the pumps to $4.00. That way, you put not just 50 cents into the pockets of bus owners, but a whole $1.50 into the pockets of bus owners and everyone with a vehicle. 

It is totally unreasonable and uncaring, for the Government to block the bus owners from implementing the proposed increase, while at the same time, making no effort to help ease the burden by reducing the exorbitant petrol tax. Gas price in Grenada is one of the highest in the region. Added to that, the bus owners are correct in saying that implementing the safety protocols will be an additional cost to them

Show compassion and caring, don’t just talk about it.