Guidelines Protocol For The Reopening Of Schools

PR – The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development, Religious Affairs and Information hereby presents the ‘Guidelines for the Reopening of Schools’ and ‘COVID-19 Protocols for the Reopening of Schools’

Following consultation with key stakeholders and the submission of the draft proposal for the reopening of schools, to the Cabinet of Grenada, this Ministry now informs of the following: 

  1. Students within the primary school system in Grenada will not be required to sit the CPEA 2020. The alternative, as outlined in the guidelines for the reopening of schools, will be utilised for the transitioning of Grade 6 students to secondary schools.
  1. It will not be possible to facilitate the sitting of the CCSLC Examinations by individuals within the state of Grenada, who are registered to sit the same. The alternative, as outlined in the guidelines for the reopening of schoolS, will hold.
  1. All arrangements will be made for students to sit the CSEC Examinations within the established timeframe, July 13 to 30, 2020, in accordance with the approved COVID- 19 Protocols for the Reopening of Schools.

This Ministry is grateful for the continued cooperation and patience exhibited by all stakeholders, as we collectively make every effort to ensure the uninterrupted provision of educational services to our students, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We move forward in anticipation of the best outcomes always.