NAWASA Explains Unusually High Bills Received By Some Customers

PR – The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) is assuring customers, who may have received unusually high bills for the period March to April 2020, due to estimates; that it will be adjusted in the next cycle. 

Two main factors affected customers’ bills for the period March to April 2020; one being the significantly longer interval for reading some customers’ meters and NAWASA being forced to estimate some customers’ bills in order to get the billing cycle back on schedule. 

Due to the national lockdown NAWASA’s offices remained closed and as such, affected the Authority’s ability to have customers’ meters read according to the usual schedule; as meter readers were unable to go out in the field. This resulted in the interval for reading some customers meters, being significantly longer than normal. Instead of the usual 30-day bill cycle, in some cases, it was extended to as many as 49 days in some areas. 

Customers’ whose bill cycle was extended, will notice that the next cycle will be shorter. Where some customers were billed for 49 days for March to April; for the period April to May, the average number of days will be 12. Once these are added together, NAWASA assures customers that their bills will better represent a normal two-month pattern. 

With regard to estimated bills, done to bring the billing cycle back on schedule; meter readers are now back in the field and the Authority has started its billing for the month of May. Customers’ whose bills were estimated for the period March to April, are also assured that when the actual readings are entered in the system, any anomalies in the estimates will be corrected.